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Selected headlines — 9/13 edition of The Business News

The list

College administrator salaries

She found her sweet spot

Young entrepreneur with Italian connection has two gelato shops

By Nick Lauer

With international travel still in a state of flux, there are limited opportunities for people to experience the wonder of other cultures. Sara’s Artisan Gelato in Ashwaubenon, though, allows customers to get a taste of Italy without leaving Wisconsin with her handcrafted gelato. Fittingly, it was through trips to Italy where the love of gelato formed for owner Sara Santaga. “I had some connection to gelato because my grandpa is an immigrant from Italy,” she said. “I was able to visit Italy a few times growing up. The gelato I tasted there was so good.” Although gelato captured Santaga’s heart at a young age, it wasn’t always a given that this would be the food that would start a career for the Green Bay native. “After high school I decided to go to culinary school. I graduated, did the line cook thing where I worked in restaurants, but I didn’t see it as something I wanted to do long term. It was kind of like, ‘Do I go back to school or what do I do?’ ” Santaga said.

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A fun place to Stop N Shop

Bonduel business is known for rugs that are made in Turkey

By Nancy Barthel

It’s been a busy several weeks for Sandy and Steve Boehm, owners of Ma and Pa Stop N Shop at 103 S. Cecil St. in Bonduel. Known for their affordable rugs made in Turkey, custom-framed prints and metal artwork, antiques and collectibles, liquidation deals from large retailers such as Walmart, Target and Home Depot as well as a niche market of fishing lures, they split their time over Labor Day weekend keeping their store open plus selling a selection of their inventory at the six-day Shawano County Fair. This Saturday, Sept. 18, will be Founder’s Day in Bonduel. “It’s a celebration of fall and of Bonduel,” Steve said. “It’s a big event.” A Bonduel tradition since 2003, Founder’s Day showcases the community and local businesses. For that one day, the village of 1,400 people becomes a magnet for Shawano County tourism. “It’s crazy,” Sandy said.

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People who make a difference

Shea tries to ‘ignite a passion’

Take the best of the teachings of Simon Sinek, Zig Ziglar and the Jaycee Creed about service, leadership and putting people first, and you’ll land on Dan Shea. Shea, chief operating officer for Shea Electric & Communications, is a firm believer in a pay-it-forward mentality. It could well stem from his childhood as a regular at his Boys & Girls Club in Manchester, N.H., where he was president of the Keystone Club, a leadership development program for teens. There, he also met his wife, Patty, when she tried to get into the club. “I was a club kid from the time I was six, and today, we’re very heavily involved in the Boys and Girls Club of Oshkosh and give to the club in Manchester as well,” Shea said. “She did join the club, and it’s a love story as we’ve been together for 37 years.

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Growth strategies

Water nozzles are Dramm’s cornerstone

Build a better mousetrap and the world will be a path to your door. Apparently that expression applies to water nozzles for the greenhouse industry, too, as Johnny Dramm, founder of the Dramm Company in Manitowoc discovered back in 1941. Dramm Corporation, which the company was rechristened as in 1978 when it combined its two entities (The Dramm Company and the John P. Dramm Manufacturing Company), is owned today by Johnny’s son, Kurt Dramm, and Kurt’s children, son Hans and daughter Heidi Dramm Becker. “My father was a florist and an inventor — he had a lot of inventions for the florist industry. He needed a nozzle to water greenhouse crops quickly that applied a lot of water softly,” Kurt said. “That’s where the 400 Water Breaker Nozzle (a watering nozzle with 400 tiny holes that turns high-velocity water into a soft-flowing shower that is gentle to plants) was perfected.” This nozzle is the standard of commercial growers worldwide and is the cornerstone of Dramm Corporation.

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