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Selected headlines — 4/15 edition of The Business News

Caring for the urban forest

Selner has been providing tree and shrub care since 1989

by Amanda Lauer

While most improvements to private and commercial properties lose value over time, there is one investment that appreciates as the years go by. “A tree is the one thing you can add to your property that will always increase in value,” said Casey Selner, co-owner of Selner Tree & Shrub Care at 711 Millennium Ct. in De Pere. Selner has been in this field since he could walk. His father, Bob Selner, who is the other co-owner, has worked in the utility-arboriculture field for years. He began this business in 1989 to supplement his income. “My dad started as a contract climber — he got paid to do the tree climbing portion of the job,” Casey said. “It was extra money because my mom always stayed at home with us kids. Since I’m the oldest, I was the one that got pulled out of bed on Saturday mornings to help.”

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Selling a step back in time

Vintage Mall lures customers with goods from simpler days

by Nick Lauer

Returning to a simpler time can be as easy as visiting the Neenah Vintage Mall at 884 S Commercial St. in Neenah. According to owner Randy Graham, a common reaction from customers when they come into his store, is that they feel like they’ve taken a step back in time. “It’s funny,” he said, “when you hear a couple sisters and their mom saying as they walk in, ‘I remember when you had this,’ or ‘Remember Grandma’s kitchen?’ Or you walk into a booth and it’s all the vintage toys and you call all your siblings over and you say, ‘Look, our bedroom from when we were kids! All the toys we had are right here.’ ” The mall features a plethora of vintage and antique items ranging from home décor to jewelry that has been “upcycled.” For those wondering what the difference is between vintage and antique, it all depends on who you’re talking to.Read More

People who make a difference

Inman strives to polish gem she lives in

For 24 years, until 2017, Inman Jewelers was a source of beautiful jewelry and watches for the Greater Two Rivers community. But as far as Colleen Inman is concerned, the community itself is the true gem. Inman, a native of Two Rivers, grew up in the area and worked here, leaving for about 15 years to work in Milwaukee before returning to work at the jewelry store with her husband, Rick. Upon her return, she quickly reengaged in the community through a variety of volunteer activities. She has been a member, and at one point, president, of the Two Rivers Business Association and Two Rivers Rotary Club and has served on the boards of directors for Two Rivers Main Street and the Service League of Manitowoc County. Today, she serves as vice chair for the Shoreline Hometown Credit Union board of directors and continues to be a part of the Rotary Club, among other volunteer activities that “fill in the pockets of time I have now that I’m retired,” she said.Read More

Growth Strategies

Business is built on the three Rs

by Nick Lauer

Years ago, when people mentioned the three Rs, it was referring to education: “reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic.” Today, the three Rs still can refer to education, but it’s “reclaim, reuse and recycle.” The focus on those three Rs, namely material sustainability, has proven to be a successful business model for Urban Evolutions in Appleton. Urban Evolutions was started in the mid-1990s by Jeff Janson when he bought the salvage rights to a home in Appleton. The city was tearing down a house next to what is currently the police station. “That was my first salvage project,” Janson said. “We started with homes, moved into schools and buildings and eventually did retail businesses. Through my classified newspaper ads, I got picked up by a bigger company and we started doing flooring for Kenneth Cole shoe stores and Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie — and that became a big part of our business.”Read More

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