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Selected headlines — 7/9 edition of The Business News

Getting the family home

McMahon started business to bring children back to Door County

Many businesses materialize after developing business plans and market niches and other factors. John McMahon and his family, though, established what was originally known as Door County Brewing Co. as a way to bring his adult children back to Door County. It worked. McMahon’s first foray into entrepreneurialism brought John, his wife, Angie, and their sons, Danny and Ben along for the ride, capitalizing on their respective strengths/skill-sets and creating what they envisioned as a community gathering place selling craft beers. “What we did was figure out what our family was capable of doing, what we’re good at, what our interests were, and made it happen,” he said. They established the business in 2012 and in 2013, the McMahons opened the original brewery and taproom in Baileys Harbor at the corner of Park Road and County Road F. The brewing began, particularly by son Danny, and the brewery’s beers began making their way throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota, then into Illinois and Indiana. Their beers were for sale on and off the premises. They were sold in restaurants and bars as well as in retail settings where people can purchase them, take them home and put them in their refrigerators.Read More

A cool spot in Sherwood

Frogg treats lure customers to area ice cream shop

by Nick Lauer

After enduring a winter that was long even by Wisconsin standards, nice weather is finally here. That means it’s time to enjoy all the aspects that make this season cherished, such as camping up north, taking the boat on the lake, and savoring summer’s favorite food — ice cream. While there are plenty of locations to procure this tasty treat, few are as unique as Frogg’s Ice Cream in the village of Sherwood. According to Bill Flynn, who owns the business with his wife Karla Miller-Flynn, the tip of the cap goes to the original owners for coming up with the interesting branding of the ice cream business. “Steve and Holly Clothier started it, and I would just say thank God they did because they came up with such clever names — the Cricket Caramel Cashew, the Chocolate Toad, the Frog-In-A-Blender. I know that I wouldn’t be clever enough to come up with something as cool as they did.”Read More

People who make a difference

Chamber programs inspired Butts

For Marcus Butts, deciding to get involved in the community wasn’t a gradual process. It was more of a revelation. “One day,” he said, “the light went off. I thought, ‘You’ve been in Oshkosh a while; why not be more involved than you are?’” That, in turn, prompted Butts to seek out and become more involved in the community he had called home since leaving Milwaukee to attend the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. At the time, Butts was working in a long-term position he held in sales and marketing for the General Beverage Sales Company. Within a few years, he had not only discovered his passion for community involvement in a volunteer capacity but in his professional role as well. He first worked in a community partnerships role for one financial institution before landing at his current employer as director of community partnerships for Verve, a credit union, in 2015. This has proven to be a good relationship for both Butts and Verve as the lines of volunteerism blur when it comes to his professional and personal involvement.Read More

Growth Strategies

Used pallets turned into treasure

by Nick Lauer

Every summer, rummage sales are held everywhere in Wisconsin, and we are all reminded of the old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” In the case of Skid & Pallet Service on Lake Park Road in Menasha, this saying can be adapted to “One man’s trash is another man’s business.” The company now has 18 employees, but Skid & Pallet Service got its start on a smaller scale more than 40 years ago when owner and president Greg Lauer was just a teenager. “I started working for a gentleman who picked up junk pallets from mills, and thats when I was about 19 years old. We had a two-man show. I bought the business from him when I was 26 years old. I’m now 68. I paid $25,000 for the business. It basically was one truck and an old fork lift. That was it.”Read More

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