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Selected headlines — 1/22 edition of The Business News

Operating like a Pro

Sturgeon Bay company makes products for numerous industries

by Betty Wall

Steven Hurley is proud of the growth of his company since 2000, when Pro Products was incorporated. It started out making automotive aftermarket components, and then in 2006, it began manufacturing precision-machined components for original equipment manufacturers. Today, the firm provides Computer Numerical Control machining, small fabrications and weldments, and part assembly services. Pro Products works with all types of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, plastics, castings and forgings. They have had ISO 9001 Registration since 2011. Pro Products, 1450 S. Neenah Ave, Sturgeon Bay, is a well-diversified company that provides products to many industries, such as hydraulics in construction equipment, parts for the snow removal industry, alternative energy, lighting, automotive, and food service, among others.Read More

Showing its home pride

Blue Moon Emporium offers many local-, state-themed items

by Amanda Lauer

Home pride is a big thing now. You see people sporting everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs with a picture of something that represents the city or the state they call home. For those folks, who either are from this area or transplants to this area, Blue Moon Emporium, at 227 E. College Ave., downtown Appleton, offers a place to get home-pride goods. The shop was opened in 2013 by Cathy Stratton, who is actually from California. “My husband’s from here so he wanted to raise our kids here,” Stratton said. It took a while for her to adjust to the weather in Wisconsin when they moved here in 2006. “Eventually I said, ‘I cannot sit here in the house anymore.’ I was a pastor for many years and I didn’t want to do that anymore, so I thought, ‘I want to do something just with my creative side.’ So, I went to work at The Fire (a pottery, mosaic and glass fusing studio in Appleton). I did that for seven and then I was like, ‘I just want to do something that’s mine.’”Read More

People who make a difference

Chelsea Gay reinvests in the community

by Betty Wall

Chelsea Gay believes volunteering is a great way to feed the soul. She is pleased to work for Nicolet Bank because working there has given her many opportunities to give back to the community. Her job as Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) program coordinator has dovetailed with organizations that help people in the community in many ways.“Being a volunteer not only gives you a sense of pride but being involved in something bigger than yourself is so rewarding to the soul,” Gay said.Gay is on the planning committee for Newcap, Inc., an organization that offers several programs to the community including home-buyer assistance programs, food pantries, and community revitalization programs.Read More

Growth Strategies

Educare caters to kids’ learning needs

by Brian Neuberger

Passions can be a fickle thing. In the case of Mary Schedgick, her professional passion, while taking a few years to reveal itself, has been on full display for the past three decades — the nuances of which are prominently displayed within the confines of a nearly 25-year-old building in Oshkosh’s southern business district. Encompassing books, educational toys, crafts, games, classroom decorations, teaching supplies, workbooks and science kits, among others things, Educare, which is co owned by Schedgick and her husband, Bob, is an educational center catering to any and all resources aligned with creating a memorable learning experience for children and educators. Headquartered at 1950 Venture Drive, Educare, according to Schedgick, began as a tutoring service upon its inception in 1986, but has gradually evolved into a full-service operation offering in excess of 10,000 individual items for patrons.Read More

The List

School Districts with largest enrollments

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